Artwork templates

Important Information

To expedite your order, please follow our design and print specifications carefully using the /pdf outlines available for download below.

  • Artwork must be provided in Quark, Illustrator, InDesign or print ready PDF format.
  • All images should be 300dpi and Pantone 'spot' colours should be clearly specified.
  • Full colour images MUST be CMYK - RGB will default to mono (black & white).
  • Include all fonts used in your design.
  • 'Collect for output' before sending in your finished design (this gathers all images used).
  • For on-disc print please centre disc image on a document 150mm x 150mm.
  • Please provide a colour proof of your finished design.
  • If the specification you require is not below or if you have further queries please contact our design department on +353 1 8997103.

Please click on the links below to download artwork specifications for on-disc print and paper print components

Artwork Specifications

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Artwork Specifications

The Artwork Specifications

  • CD_onbody_guide.jpg
  • BB_2ppInsert.jpg
  • BB_Backliner.jpg
  • BB_4ppBooklet-1.jpg
  • BB_4ppBooklet-2.jpg
  • DVD_Booklet.jpg
  • DVD_wrap.jpg
  • JCard.jpg

Packaging Samples

Card Wallet to hold 1 CD
4 Panel Digipack
6-Panel DigiSleeve.
Standard Jewel Case.